Why do you need write to right?

Write to Right was established at the start of 2014 to address the increase in website errors found. While not critical flaws, spelling and grammatical errors have been shown to turn away up to 59% of customers. I have seen spelling errors on publishing sites, coaches advertising that they will make “2013 your best year ever” in 2014 and businesses telling clients where their websites fail only to have a number of spelling & grammatical errors in the text. These examples shake customer confidence due to a lack of attention to detail on the part of the website developer or business owner.

I want to help businesses avoid these errors. I want your website to instill confidence in your clients (remember it’s selling your business 24/7). I want you to use my experience in website development, maintenance and proofreading to your advantage.

Complete this form to discuss your business needs.

What is proof reading?

Proof reading is the final stage before publication and is often seen as a quality control exercise.  Proofreading involves a check for completeness, spelling & grammar checks, conformity with and specifications or standards and the checking of any links.

What is copy editing?

Copy editing is a more thorough check and also includes a check for consistency of language and for visual consistency (layout). When copy editing a website checks include the forms, downloadable files, menus and metadata.

Not building a website or have an existing site? Write to right can check existing sites and other documents.

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